Manuel H Gonzales Jr

So you want to know more about me? Well lets fill you in a little bit

My Name is Manuel H Gonzales Jr, Born in San Angelo Texas, Back in 1989. Currently I'm  Living in Austin Texas, but i love to travel. Photography has been a passion of mine since i first started taking photos while i was in High School, since then it has grown into the amazing adventure i’m on now. I love capturing moments that’ll last a lifetime for those who like to live their best life. A photograph can hold so much meaning. from capturing that first kiss on your big day, to capturing those senior portraits of your fast growing student. life passes by so quick, but a photo can last forever 

Types of work I do

Photography is such a huge passion of mine, that i have a hard time finding just one type of photography to shoot, so i chose to shoot it all! Weddings, senior portraits, editorial, concert, lifestyle, products, headshots and more!